Architects of Modern Communications

Carrier Networks Service Providers
Network Readiness Index (NRI) Digital Access Index (DAI) are well accepted parameters whole the globe as a sign of development improvement. A highly effective backbone access infrastructure with proper proportional quality, comes into priority then. ARMOCO has proven itself with robust solutions to fixed mobile operators in Iran.
Customer reference list for this market sector include several provincial fixed telecom operators the largest mobile operator (MCI)

Oil Gas Industries
“SMART Oil fields”, “Next Generation Oil Industry” and similar concepts are now heard around this market sector. Simply, they are not fantasies anymore. Whether an evolutionary approach is envisioned or revolutionizing the communications architecture is in focus, ARMOCO provides various solutions to customers of this market.
ARMOCO has offered total or partial system integration to refineries, oil/gas pipelines petrochemical complexes.

Power Industries
From the generation point to transmission lines power distribution, information technology has affected power industry. A converged, fully automated platform, beginning from inside plant-level and spread all the way down to consumers, has always been quite challenging. Whether it’s about industrial networking, CMMS or ERP inside the power plant, or it’s about having a highly reliable SCADA controlling the transmission lines or even collecting data from electricity meters, ARMOCO has provided telecommunication facilities to customers of this market sector.

Transportation Industries
Beneath our feet, just few meters down, there are trains running. Over our heads, there are planes flying to any direction on the globe. Just right in front of our eyes, there are plenty of vehicles riding around. Simply, we are surrounded by transportation means. The question is, really how such an order is managed out of chaos?
ARMOCO ’s impressive customer reference list including Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz Tabriz subways including the total telecommunication package for Qom Monorail, the single sole monorail in the country represents a vast experience in this field